Creative Corporate Training wows the Community Associations Institute!

Last month, our Creative Corporate Training program was hired by the Community Associations Institute to create a workshop for their annual gathering. CAI represents executives that manage condominium and co-op estates and residential developments. These are intense person-to-person positions, as these professionals must serve all the various residents at developments that have up to 300 units. Conflict between residents, complaints and hardship are all situations these professionals must deal with.

CCT created three different scenarios to examine three different challenging situations faced by CAI members. These three scenarios were created in consultation with CAI Executive Director Tony Campisi. “The feedback we received about CCT’s work from our members was enthusiastic,” Tony reports. “CCT delivered two hours of content which was fun, insightful and useful - a trifecta!”

Check out a picture gallery and videos from our work with CAI. Remember, our scenarios always show an encounter that goes badly - then the team being served diagnoses the problem, and we re-play it with their suggestions :

Above video: “Residents in Conflict”