The Bright Invention Ensemble

The Bright Invention ensemble practices and performs longform improvisation, expanding the genre, and deepening the connection between actors and audience in all we do. We are a fun and diverse group having a blast getting laughs, provoking tears and transforming lives.

Shea Sonsky and Eric Walker, Jr.

Shea Sonsky and Eric Walker, Jr.


Bright Invention returns to its collaboration with Pulley & Buttonhole Theatre Company, Jenkintown Dance Arts and Abington Arts Center to present an Original Practices production of one of Shakespeare’s masterpieces: Macbeth.

Original Practices refers to an approach to performing Shakespeare’s plays which attempts to replicate the way we think his actor’s prepared them. This means:

  • no director

  • no conventional rehearsals

  • actors responsible for their own costumes and props, etc.

  • the first time we do it for real is opening night!

This is the fifth Original Practices co-production we have been involved with, and this year the show will feature the work of four members of our ensemble: Benjamin Lloyd, Eric Walker, Jr., Shea Sonsky and Joshua Kirwin.

Opens Monday August 5th, 7 pm, at Abington Art Center. Four shows only - pay what you can!

Abington Arts Center
515 Meetinghouse Rd.
Jenkintown, PA 19046

That’s us!

That’s us!


Tokio Headhouse Sushi / 122 Lombard Street / Philadelphia, PA 19147

Sushi and improv . . . they go together like . . . well, they just go together! Especially now as Bright Invention performs our downtown shows each month upstairs in the Tokio Ballroom at Madame Saito's!

Come at 6 for drinks and sushi downstairs, then come up to the ballroom for our show at 7:00 pm, and enjoy our special brand of intimate long form improvisation!

  • Pay On Your Way! See the show for free and then donate as you leave!

  • Full cash bar upstairs!

  • Easy to locate venue: just off of Headhouse Square in Society Hill, Philadelphia!

Remaining shows in 2019:

  • September 7

  • October 19

  • November 2

  • December 7

ENSEMBLE PERFORMING  Room with a Clue  at the Glen Foerd Mansion

ENSEMBLE PERFORMING Room with a Clue at the Glen Foerd Mansion

Special shows

Let us make some magic for your party, event, fundraiser or nonprofit!

  • Room with a Clue, our interactive, living Clue game! Col. Mustard, Miss Scarlett, Prof. Plumb, Mrs. Peacock and the others each have a room in your house or facility, and clues about whodunnit! A fun, audience interactive experience!

  • Objects of Affection, our private party form using objects guests bring to celebrate the cause or guest of honor!

  • Improvathon! Let us raise money for your organization or cause - we begin improvising and we don’t stop until the goal is met!

  • Improv with Dinner with Friends. A meal shared by actors and audience together - for a cause, a theme or just for fun! And then, a show we create spontaneously about the meal and the connections we are making! Great for corporate events, board retreats, large gatherings.

The Bright Invention ensemble:

Members Emeritus

The following artists acted and rehearsed with Bright Invention for a significant time, and their contributions to the ensemble are lasting. 

Jennifer MacMillan, Katherine Perry, Jerry Perna, Randi Alexis Hickey,  Langston Hamilton Darby, Eva Farrell, Ed Swidey, Kristin Norine, Josh Totora, Martha Kemper, Sarah Knittel.